In Junior High, children are taught using thematic Project-Based learning (PBL), which requires the application of knowledge and skills into tangible products and performances of assessments, not just recall or recognition. Unlike rote learning that assesses piecemeal snippets of knowledge, PBL is more comprehensive and can be used to assess how students apply a variety of academic content in new contexts. As students engage themselves to successfully complete a project they follow a rigorous process that begins with inquiry and ends with a performance of understanding in front of an expert audience.

The main subjects are taught in form of Thematic Blocks which represents a project and involves certain subjects in that theme. The ‘main lesson block’ is for the first two hours every morning, for a period of 2 to 6 weeks – allowing an in-depth exploration of subject matter at a time, thus enabling students to explore it fully, through intellectual, artistic and practical activities and ensuring a deep consolidation of learning. The subjects in the main lesson block are English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The main lesson ties one topic to as many disciplines as possible. Each Main Lesson is rhythmically structured involving the child in activities that awaken his or her powers of head (intellect), heart (feeling) and hands (doing). Besides main lesson blocks children learn Religion and character building, PPKN, foreign language, coding, MakerSpace, Sustainable living Skills, Music , Art and Physical Education.

Besides this the school also offers clubs to encourage children to specialize in areas they have strength in. Every day is a new day which bring challenges and new aspects of learning into the child’s life.

Subjects Taught

Subjects Taught

Besides these subjects, students also learn Grade level competencies in:

Bahasa Indonesia & English



Social Studies & PPKN

Religion & Character Building

Foreign Language



Physical Education

Sustainable Life Skills

Niche Programs

Niche Programs