On September 28, 2017, Our Kindergarten held an Assembly. The theme of Assembly was International Peace day. International peace day is celebrated on September 21 around the world as a day of nonviolence and cease-fire. We Celebrated International Peace Day and pledged to be kind and peaceful. The children performed  3 songs : Good morning song, Hello to all the children of the world and Goodbye song and displayed their work “ Our Peaceful Hands “ as an action for Peace day.

Erase Meanness is a movement that was started in  2012 in USA by Eric Johnson. The purpose of the movement is to help children understand that it is important to be kind to everyone and no matter how small the act of kindness it is always worth it.

On September, 28th 2017, students, teacher, staff and parents participated and celebrated Erase Meanness Pledge Day.  All of us pledged to erase meanness in ourselves and spread kindness to everyone around us ourselves.

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